About Techjano

About Techjano

This techjano site is maintained by a freelance women tech writers group as a tech writing Platform. They write different topics about career, tech, lifestyle, stories, news, reviews and sometimes rewrite from different sources.

The aim of techjano is creating technology and career awareness among  women and general people. Its a open platform as like blog, so anubody can contribute their thoughts.

Techjano is the most vibrant and updated Technology and Techrelated lifestyle based website. It is vast Tips and Tricks sharing portal and big ICT platform in the country. Techjano becomes one of the top IT portal in Bangladesh having 1,00000 monthly unique visitor. Techjano Contains ICT related news, views, reviews and connects ICT leaders. It has New product, Ecommerce, Mobilephone, laptop, Tips, advice, Telecom, Games, Tips for Using Computer, Mobile, software, apps, How to make money, Software Cracking, Programming, 4G,  AI, Corporate, Expo, facebook and social media events, innovations, Internet, Bike, car, space, science, book, ride sharing, campus related news. The aim of the Techjano is to know the Tech means TechJano.

The site is Made by Munshi Zinnat,  the entrepreneur of Oboyob Software Development Company , Editorial management by Shamima Jahan and technical help by Milton Mandol.

The contributors are: Sultana Parvin, Fatema Khatun, Saira Khatun.